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Abdullah El Sherif - Balaha 97
97 عبدالله الشريف | حلقة 24 | بلحة


satirical news show


Abdullah El-Sherif is an Islamist-leaning Youtube personality who models his show on Bassem Youssef (and by extension, Jon Stewart), in the style of a satirical catch-up on the news. His earlier videos were primarily politically-inspired poems in the ‘classical’ fusha Arabic, but he began producing more satirical videos in 2017.


Abdullah El-Sherif


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Abdullah El-Sherif , “Abdullah El Sherif - Balaha 97,” Politics, Popular Culture and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, accessed July 24, 2024,

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Abdullah El-Sherif (A.S): “I get a lot of questions along the lines of: where are you living? Where do you film your show? Who funds you? So I decided to start this episode a bit earlier today.
This is YouTube. These aren’t political people, and they don’t know anything about Sisi or the Brotherhood. They saw that what I was doing was successful and was generating an audience, so they decided to support me because quite simply their success comes from myself and others like me. So, please stop going on about Qatar and Turkey because it is getting old. Let’s start the episode.
The number 10 has always been greater than one, and the higher number always means more. So the pupil that gets higher grades is considered better than the one that gets lower grades. And a person who earns a high wage is considered better than someone who earns little. But that doesn’t mean that the higher number is better.
A.S: “for example, someone with lower blood sugar levels is better than someone with high levels. Or a younger person is generally healthier than an elderly person. Less makeup is better than a lot, right?
The Egyptian military though cannot seem to understand this. Abdel Nasser, Sadat, Mubarak and Balahha [a nickname & insult for Sisi that roughly translates to a simpleton] have never scored below the 90s in election results. It’s as if this makes up for some inadequacy they have, even if these numbers are fabricated. It isn’t about high numbers, I promise you! Someone tell them it isn’t about high numbers! If we take a look at the 2012 elections, we’ll see that the winning number was about 51%, a much smaller figure, right? But let me tell you that this is the kind of number that the world respects. You might say to me, ‘what difference does it make if the world respects it or not, the guy has become president’? I’ll tell you why.
If the rest of the world doesn’t respect him [the president], that means possible blackmail. Like, ‘look here, I know this is all a sham, so what are you going to give me so that I can treat you in front of everyone as though you’re a respected official? So our friend has no choice but to compromise on a lot of things. He could let go of some islands, for example. Or he could pull out of international treaties. He could buy weapons even though his country is in debt and has a lot of starving people”
Clip from film: “Please watch your words”
A.S: “What’s funny though is that the person doing all this, is called patriotic”
“Plus, the people who voted for him know that he’s a failure and a loser and know that he didn’t get these figures, they pretend he’s achieved all these things and is successful”
Clip from film: “Sayed Ibrahim Awadeen!
-Four out of fifty!
-Congratulations! Well done!”
A.S: “They will call someone like myself, who exposes and makes fun of him, they call me a traitor who wants to destroy the country. That I am an agent of Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan. Forget their treachery; they are exactly the ones who will suffer from him. And they know that the military does not distinguish between a supporter and an opponent.
And, I mean c’mon, have some dignity! What are you celebrating? The whole world is making jokes about you. Am I right, Andreas?”
“And you’re really going to celebrate in Rab’aa al-Adawayia Square? You really could not find anywhere else in the whole country? Or do you like to be reminded of your crimes? Or is it something against people that you know are purer and better than you?
This is the square when it was filled with good people. It was filled with prayer and fasting. But this is how it looks when you set foot in it”
Clip from celebrations at Raba’a Square showing a Mahragan performance
“Did you get your fill of insulting them or not? Did you accuse them of sexual jihad that has no basis in any sect? Did you finish defaming their honour? Are you well now? All done? Let me tell you something that will remind you of how filthy you are.
Do you know who this is? This is MP Hamdy El-Fakharani. A prominent and powerful person. He was responsible a lot of thugs in Mahalla and various other places. He was the first person to go on satellite TV and use the term ‘sexual Jihad’ in Egypt. He recently disagreed with a very high-ranking figure from the gang that you voted for. Boom! They land him with a bribery case! He was sacked from the parliament, he and his family’s money was confiscated, and he got a four-year jail sentence. His life was destroyed. And finally, three days ago, the body of his youngest son was found after committing suicide. Can you imagine? God is great, god is very great. And he will bring retribution to the weak. Would you like us to start playing ‘Tislam el Ayadi? Or start dancing to ‘Bushrit Kheir’ [these were two famous pro-military songs that emerged shortly after the military coup in 2013]? Thank God we were among the pure when the Square was pure, and thank god for getting us our rights despite our weakness. And thanks to god that we occupy your minds so much and cause you so much pain. Long may you be weak and mocked around the world.
That’s enough for now”




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