Ramy Essam.jpg

'Irhal' ('Leave') by Ramy Essam

Mustafa Said.jpg

Song "Be Patient, Egypt, the Light of Day is about to Emerge"

Voice of Freedom.jpg

"Voice of Freedom" by Cairokee band

Bassim Wadei.png

"Anonymous" sung by Bassim Wadei and lyrics by poet Mustapha Ibrahim


Song "The Wall" by Youssra El-Hawary

Aida El-Ayoubi.jpg

Song "Yal midan - Oh Square" by Aida al-Ayyoubi and Cairokee Band

Salma Sahbahy.jpg

Song "Take a Close Look at the Picture" by Salma Sabbahi

Ramy Gamal.jpg

"I Love you my Country"

Mohamed Mohsen.jpg

Song "We are Praying for You" by Mohammad Mohsen and poet Mustapha Ibrahim


"Balaha" by singer Ramy Essam