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Kalabsh (Handcuffs) TV series trailer


Drama series


Video Clip from Kalabsh Season 1. This Ramadan series follows the journey of Selim Al-Ansary, a hardworking police officer, who was wrongly accused of murder. The series recounts the story of a police officer who was subjected to injustice by a businessman, politicians and some MPs who fabricated murder charges against him.
He escapes from prison to prove his innocence. The actor Amir Karara won the love of all police officers as the series is 'the only work of art which did not promote the police apparatus’ bad reputation', said one police officer. The series was made under the patronage of the Ministry of the Interior.
Ramadan is the most important time of year for the release of new drama series in the Arab world as most people watch TV after eating iftar (the meal that breaks the daily fast). A new episode is released every evening throughout the fasting month. This is a good example of the trend after 2013 towards disseminating a positive image of the security apparatus.


Yousef Hasan Yousef


Verdi Production House via YouTube

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Yousef Hasan Yousef, “Kalabsh (Handcuffs) TV series trailer,” Politics, Popular Culture and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, accessed June 25, 2024,

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Selim: “Our destiny is that fear will never enter our hearts. We are not better than those who died before us. And revenge form them is our duty”
Male voice off screen: “Selim, it is well-known that you’re the most violent officer in the police”
Selim: “We are not afraid” –Officers: “Yes, sir!”
Selim: “We will be coming back” –Officers: “Yes, sir!”
Selim: “I can’t hear you!” –Officers: [louder] “Yes, sir!”
Male voice off screen: “Focus on the thieves that are robbing the country. The ones you all know but don’t do anything about”
Selim: “And you’re gonna teach me the law, you momma’s boy?”
Female voice off screen: “The whole world has to know that Selim El-Ansary is a butcher”
Selim: “The whole world is after me. Government, opposition, activists, journalists, rich and poor”
Female voice off-screen: “None of us change, Selim. If anyone can change, you would have”
[Chanting in background]: The police are thugs! The police are thugs!
Older man: “I don’t know until now if they’re sending an officer to jail or what”
Selim to his mother: “And those cops you don’t like? Your only son is one of them”
Man in dark alleyway: “You wanted to get your own back from the officer, didn’t you?”
Selim’s mother: “You think that because you’re my son, I have to be on your side?”
Bearded man: “What is between us is ongoing till judgment day, sir!”
Male voice off screen: “Start a hashtag called #ReportSelimElAnsary”
Selim: “I can’t believe this is what you care about while a noose is tied around my neck”
Older man: “You’re just like me, on the run”
Senior officer: “The only option I have is to arrest him [Selim] and bring him in”
Male voice off screen: “And the Police [Dakhliya] will not abandon its man”