Mustafa Ibrahim.jpg

El Manifesto - a collection of revolutionary poetry by Mustapha Ibrahim

Tamim al-Barghouthi.jpg

"Oh Egyptian People" recited by poet Tamim al-Barghouthi

zorba dance.jpg

Cairo ballet dancers perform on street in protest against Muslim Brotherhood government

Atfal al-Shawarea.jpg

Atfal al-Shawarea

Harlem Shake.jpg

Egyptian Protesters Perform 'Harlem Shake' outside the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

Tahrir Monologues.png

Tahrir Monologues: The idea

Laila Soliman.jpg

Laila Soliman - No Time for Art (A Salute to the Martyrs and the Living)

Tamim al-Barghouti.jpg

Be Patient, Egypt, the Light of Day is about to Emerge

come back police.JPG

"Come back, police"


Yes to the constitution