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Atfal al-Shawarea


Satirical YouTube video


This sketch by satirical performance group Atfal al-Shawarea mocks the controversial Saudi-Egypt agreement in 2016 over the Red Sea Islands. Following this video, members of the group were arrested on charges of inciting terrorism and imprisoned for 4 months.
The 2016 agreement over the Red Sea Islands provoked some of the largest demonstrations seen in the post-2013 period. Many Egyptians considered that the deal meant that the Egyptian government was giving away sovereignty to Saudi Arabia.


Atfal al-Shawarea ("Street Kids")



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Atfal al-Shawarea ("Street Kids"), “Atfal al-Shawarea,” Politics, Popular Culture and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, accessed April 19, 2024,

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In unison: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! 7,000 years of civilisation!”
Performer 1: “King Mina the Unifier of the two tribes”
Performer 2: “The revolution of 1919 led by Sa’ad Basha Zaghloul ibn al-Saud!”
Performer 3: “The sun fall on the face of King Abd El-Aziz al-Saud at the Temple of Abu Nawaf”
Performer 4: “Saudi Arabia has won the African Cup of Nations seven times! Dammam 2006, Jeddah 2008 and Riyadh 2010!”
Performer 5: “The Trilateral Aggression and the 6 October 1973 War!”
Performer 3: “Emir Ahmed ibn Zeweil receives the Nobel Prize for inventing the Femto-Kabsa!”
Performer 2: “Riyadh, the gift of the Nile!”
Performer 1: “Two-thirds of the world’s antiquities are located in Saudi Arabia”
Performers 1,2,3 and 4: “Saudi Arabia is the mother of the Gulf and will be the size of the Gulf”
Performer 6: “Guys, this is a move from Israel because of Camp David… The two islands aren’t Egyptian anyway…Anybody, anybody who says the islands are Egyptian is a traitor…Read your history, people…I will take the blows on my chest, my mother used to tell me not to take things that belong to others…”
Performers 1,2,3 and 4: “[singing] They’ve never been to Egypt… 1 & 2: “Minus two islands!”
Performers 1,2,3 and 4: “[singing] They’ve never been to Egypt… 1 & 2: “Minus two islands!”
Performers 1,2,3 and 4: “[singing] O Egypt my love!....Minus two islands!... O Egypt my love! … Minus two islands!”


2m 17s