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This cartoon was created during heightened polarisation in Egypt between supporters of deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, and supporters of the army who removed Morsi from power. During this period, Morsi's supporters, mainly members of the Muslim…

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The cartoonist views the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The accompanying text in English says: 'If the elephant passes through the needle's eye, Moslem Brotherhood can be a peaceful group!!'

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The cartoon criticises the Muslim Brotherhood for the deaths of hundreds of protesters at the hands of the security forces on 14 August 2013. The protesters, supporters of the deposed president Mohammed Morsi, had been occupying the Rabaa and Nahda…

“May Our Lord punish them,” says the driver.

“May Our Lord punish them,” replies the passenger.

By agreeing to disagree, two Egyptians ironically share a moment of unity in this cartoon by Andeel.

This cartoon was created in a context of…