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This stencil on the walls of Cairo University commemorates Ahmed Mansour, a student at the university, who was killed during clashes between the military and protesters during the Cabinet sit-in in December 2011.

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Excerpts from Laila Soliman's interactive theatre performance 'No Time for Art'. The play, performed in June 2011, tells stories of the uprising and military and police violence in a minimalist style.

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Officer: "I am killing him because he is a terrorist". Bearded man: "I am a terrorist because he is killing me". This cartoon aims to criticise the anti-Muslim Brotherhood discourse that portrays all MB members as terrorists and, therefore,…

This is a widely-distributed, deeply disturbing film intended to highlight the disproportionately violent response of the SCAF regime against protesters. It consists of twelve minutes of raw testimony and graphic images of violence against…

Samira Ibrahim above an army of faces of Ahmed Adel El Mogy, the doctor against whom she brought a court case for conducting so-called virginity testing.

“May Our Lord punish them,” says the driver.

“May Our Lord punish them,” replies the passenger.

By agreeing to disagree, two Egyptians ironically share a moment of unity in this cartoon by Andeel.

This cartoon was created in a context of…

This image depicts an Egyptian soldier standing over a pile of dead corpses; a clear criticism of the massive death toll under military rule.

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Iconic post-uprising street art, Ganzeer's 'Tank versus Bike' depicts a man on a bicycle delivering bread - a common sight in Egypt - being confronted by a tank. It is clear criticism of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) at a time when…

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The song was produced in late 2011 after the famous cabinet sit-in and the violence directed against the protesters by the military. The lyrics condemn the army, and their extreme measures of violence and abuse committed against the women protesters…

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The song was composed to pay tribute to the martyrs of the revolution. The lyrics are written by poet Mustapha Ibrahim, and sung by Bassim Wadei`. The music is composed by Mohammed 'Antar. The video shows portraits and names of the martyrs, while a…