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Wana Kol Ma'ol ('Whenever I Say')




The song addresses the situation in Egypt after the army's removal of Mohamed Morsy in July 2013. The narrator wants to give up and turn away from the problems facing Egypt but 'Mother Egypt tells me, “No, don’t give up son. I have nobody but you to carry me”'. The video clip shows scenes of everyday life in Egypt and images from the 25 January 2011 revolution and 30 June 2013 protests.
Massar Egbari, whose members are from Alexandria, was created in 2005. However, the band became very successful in the post-2011 period, which saw a flourishing of the independent music scene. They blend rock, jazz, blues and oriental music and their songs are mainly about social issues facing young people. They generally avoid being associated with particular political positions. Surprisingly for many of their fans, they recorded a song with Ahmed Sheba encouraging people to vote in the 2019 constitutional referendum. The referendum was contentious as it concerned extending the presidential term of Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.


Massar Egbari



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    Lyrics by Doaa Abdel Wahab and Ziad Aly
    Music by Hany El Dakkak
    Arranged by Massar Egbari
    Recorded and mixed by Ayman Massoud, Teatro Eskendria
    Produced by Iris Media, Hussein Anis, Ahmed Saleh


Massar Egbari



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Massar Egbari, “Wana Kol Ma'ol ('Whenever I Say'),” Politics, Popular Culture and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, accessed May 19, 2024,

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Whenever I say enough: "I have nothing to do with this anymore"
Egypt pulls my ears
And screams at me: “Son, don’t my son...
Don’t get lost in this world
Don’t leave me”

I say mother Egypt, I had enough
I am tired, enough!
The weight is too heavy
And I’m beat
Mother Egypt tells me,
“No, don’t give up son
I have nobody but you to carry me”

Every time I say: "Enough
I have to forget you"
Mother Egypt tells me: “Who will help me with all my troubles?
Son, I left all my dreams with you”

I say mother Egypt, but it’s too much
Too many wounds
My blood is still spilling on my forehead
Mother Egypt tells me:
“Your blood is your adornment.
And with it, my son, my name will be engraved “
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