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Allo Elomara ('They Raised the Building')




Live performance at El Sawy Culture Wheel, one of the few music venues in Cairo. The song is a social commentary on poor urban planning that leads to overcrowding, poor safety and poor living conditions.
Massar Egbari, whose members are from Alexandria, was created in 2005. However, the band became very successful in the post-2011 period, which saw a flourishing of the independent music scene. They blend rock, jazz, blues and oriental music and their songs are mainly about social issues facing young people. They generally avoid being associated with particular political positions. Surprisingly for many of their fans, they recorded a song with Ahmed Sheba encouraging people to vote in the 2019 constitutional referendum. The referendum was contentious as it concerned extending the presidential term of Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi.


Massar Egbari


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Massar Egbari, “Allo Elomara ('They Raised the Building'),” Politics, Popular Culture and the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, accessed April 17, 2024,

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They raised the building in front of me and I'm not satisfied
I went to complain to the judge and he hasn't taken a decision
Ever since, the water pressure decreased
They blocked the sunlight and air; where is the neighbor's right?
The rain started pouring in...
Whoever lives here will be victimized
If sunlight comes after rain and evil you must be kidding
They're also using the houses around them
Why are they doing all this? Why? Whyyy?
I used to open my window and light filled my house
with sea and sky view, now I only see a wall
and I sleep scared and feeling insecure
and I wake up afraid that tomorrow the building will collapse
Submitted by Dina El Hakim on 04/04/2015


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