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In this award-winning collection of six short stories, writer Muhammad El-Hajj, who has also written films and screenplays, explores feelings of loss, regret, nostalgia, love and hate. The stories are set in the post-2013 political environment and…

This film explores the 'mahragan' music scene through the lives of three young musicians. 'Mahragan' is a style of music that emerged from the most marginalised neighbourhoods of Cairo and became more widely listened to after the 2011 revolution.…

Amid a cacophony of car horns and swearing, on the manic streets of Cairo Egyptians vent their frustrations and air their hopes and joys. With a cast of drivers as diverse as the city’s population, Cairo Drive reveals the tumult of the city in the…

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This critically acclaimed documentary about sexual harassment in Egypt uses women’s direct accounts of sexual harassment, in addition to body camera footage that vividly captures what it is like for a woman to walk down the street in Cairo.

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This song describes the optimal characteristics for a future leader of Egypt. Controversially, the song ends with the following lines:
"Looks don’t matter, Age doesn’t matter, Faith doesn’t matter. The only requirement is to be human.
"In short,…