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It was in the extraordinary and historic city of Suez that the first martyr of the Egyptian revolution fell. But the city has long been the gateway to Egypt’s most decisive, transformative moments. Home to the strategic Suez Canal, the port was a key…

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The song's lyrics were composed by poet Amin Haddad and sung by Eskenderella Band in the aftermath of the Mohammed Mahmoud street protests in November 2011, which resulted in the killing of over 40 protestors. The video clip shows the band singing it…

An online archive of voices of Egyptian people, documenting their understandings and perceptions of events after 2011. Material for the Dictionary was collected in conversations with around 200 individuals in Egypt from March to August 2014.…

This cartoon was created during heightened polarisation in Egypt between supporters of deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, and supporters of the army who removed Morsi from power. During this period, Morsi's supporters, mainly members of the Muslim…

This cartoon by journalist and cartoonist Andeel depicts presidents Sisi and Trump as gangsters, like those in Hollywood films. The two presidents are standing side by side whilst behind them their countries are on fire. Sisi says, referring to…

This cartoon, originally published by Al-Masry Al-Youm Online, is a clear condemnation of the violence perpetrated post-July 2013 against the Muslim Brotherhood's supporters. It satirises the widespread support amongst Egyptians for this violence.

“May Our Lord punish them,” says the driver.

“May Our Lord punish them,” replies the passenger.

By agreeing to disagree, two Egyptians ironically share a moment of unity in this cartoon by Andeel.

This cartoon was created in a context of…

This award-winning novel, originally published in Arabic in 2013, is set in an unnamed Middle Eastern country, yet is clearly relevant to post-revolution Egypt and life under the regime of Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. A centralized authority known as the…

In an acting workshop in a working-class Cairo neighborhood, 10 men recount episodes of exploitation, humiliation and injustice; their stories centre on the privatization of a factory but invariably extend to harassment by police and Egypt’s corrupt…